Terminal's milestones:

  • 10 June, 1997 - date of terminal's foundation;
  • 20 December, 1998 - start-up date and loading of the first vessel;
  • 15 March, 2000 - the terminal passed the first one million tonnes handled milestone;
  • 15 October, 2001 - ceremonial opening of the second development phase of the terminal.

AS DBT was founded in 1997, June, the10th. Less than a year later, on the 17th of February, 1998, building works began. The first terminal line (consisting of one warehouse of arched type with capacity up to 70,000 tons under one roof and one hopper car discharging station) started operating on the 20th of December, 1998, when the first cargo was loaded.

Analysis of the market and producers' demands could open for AS DBT another opportunity to widen its service and forward an extra tonnage. However, these forecasts couldn't be realized unless certain restrictions were lifted. The crucial one among them was the shortage of storage facilities.

The variety of forwarded fertilizers made it impossible to deal with many different customers at the same time and store the fertilizers, which required separate storage, due to several reasons. Among them there were chemical and physical characteristics of loads, their incompatibility, allowed inaccuracy in loads removal and differences in given cargo sizes.

The second terminal line started operating in the middle of October, 2001. The installation of 4 hemispherical dome-type warehouses with an inter-dome ceiling together with the second hopper car discharging station, allowed to increase the covered storage capacity from existed 70,000 tons to 140,000 tons in total and provided extra opportunities for efficient product segregation, ensuring no product cross contamination.

First specialized fertilizer ship loader was completed in autumn 1999. To complement the storage expansion, a second ship loader was ordered from Buhler GmbH of Germany, it was completed and put into operation in summer 2002.

Recently, the transshipment capacity of both AS DBT terminal lines has reached 2 million tons of various loads a year. To answer the needs of customers better and to reach a goal of increasing transshipment turnover and the terminal capacity, there was a need for a new terminal phase to be built. In August 2005 AS DBT commenced construction of the fifth dome-type warehouse. The new dome, 46 meters in diameter, will hold up to 26 thousand tons of loads depending on a fertilizer type.

The new dome, 46 meters in diameter, is able to hold 20-26 thousand tons of cargo (depending on the grade of fertilizer in store) and allows increasing the total storage capacity of the terminal up to 165 thousand tons. The new (fifth) dome-type warehouse was put into operation in May 2006.