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The quality management system recertification in Muuga terminal

 On 16.08 - 17.08.2016 at AS DBT Muuga terminal took place the quality management system recertification audit, which was conducted by AS Metrosert auditors. 

The organization follows the established quality policy, and quality objectives' fulfilment is monitored regularly. 
AS DBT employs skilled and competent staff. The company has secured the necessary work environment and infrastructure. The company's main activity planning, information transmission, monitoring and measurement of processes and services runs operativelly. The workflow processes are controlled. Customer feedback on the organization's activities is rated as very good. 
The management system implemented in the company continues to function in accordance with the requirements of the standard. The company's own requirements that were established and implemented are effective and contribute to the organization's policy and objectives. 
Auditors' position is that the quality management system is a modern, developed and improved. The discrepancies have not been recorded during the audit. 
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