All fertilizers arriving by rail are emptied from the hopper cars at two purpose-designed discharge stations, where there are four railway tracks.

By means of conveyor system the product is then delivered to the warehouses or directly to a vessel ensuring "direct transshipment". The Muuga Harbour is the deepest one among the Baltic ports and it is also open for navigation in winter. This allows DBT to function and carry out loading operations all year round. The berthing line, 288 meters long and 14,5 meters deep, gives the terminal an opportunity to handle bulk carriers of Panamax-size or larger. The use of two special fertilizer ship loaders while carrying out the loading of bulk products ensures guaranteed highly efficient services. The guaranteed performance and high loading capacity benefit the customers by reducing loading times, thus meeting the contemporary level of requirements demanded nowadays from stevedoring companies.

The terminal capacity allows DBT to handle bagged goods delivered by railway for onward delivery. Big bags are loaded either by "direct transshipment", namely direct from carriages onto a ship, or being first stored in the terminal storage yard. Three gantry cranes handle vessel-loading operations.