To provide a covered storage of bulk products DBT offers:

  • 1 warehouse of arched type with a capacity up to 70,000 tons under one roof (10 500 m?);
  • 5 hemispherical dome-type warehouses, incl. 4 domes with capacity up to 17 500 tons each depending on the grade of product in store (5 024 m2) and 1 dome with capacity up to 26 000 tons (1 661 m2). The existing storage facilities with total capacity up to 165 000 tons (17 185 m2) allow the terminal to provide extra opportunities for efficient product segregation, ensuring no product cross contamination, thus securing high safety of their qualities and properties.

To store the bagged and other general cargoes there is a separate sheltered warehouse of 3,600 square meters that supplements a territory of 14,800 square meters large for open air storage