Viimased uudised

The existing laboratory of DBT equipped with necessary devices

In 2005 in connection with operational necessity it was decided to set up a mini laboratory at DBT terminal for efficient and operative determination of physical properties of cargoes and conditions of their warehousing. From January 2006 the existing laboratory equipped with necessary devices allows determining the following characteristics:

For Mineral Fertilizers:

  • temperature in stream on coming out of railcars while discharging the cargo, degrees centigrade
  • bulk density no tapped, t/m3
  • static angle of repose, degrees
  • content of water, %

For Air in the Warehouses (current characteristics at measuring point)

  • temperature in the place of measuring, degrees centigrade
  • relative humidity, %
  • absolute humidity, g/ m3
  • dew point, degrees centigrade

All measurements are carried out in compliance with international standards applied for mineral fertilizers.
The received results allow the DBT personnel (forwarders, technologists, mechanical engineers) to solve efficiently the questions related to transporting equipment and conveyors loads, cargo plans, vessels loading and allocation of cargo in the warehouses.